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OuterData develops software that helps your business grow, energizes the end user experience, and manages your venue, data, and content like never before.

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Outer.Media Studio brings you best in class "Manage from Anywhere" display management for your outdoor Digital Signs, Digital Billboards, Advertising Displays, Way Finding Displays, Digital Restaurant Menus, Informational Displays, and much more.

Create content with full animation, transitions, add video and more from any computer or tablet, from any web browser. Nothing to install.

Manage your content and schedules from any device, in any web browser. Did we mention there's nothing to install?

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OuterPOS is a world class Point of Sales system, offering full reporting, inventory management, and a beautiful user interface.

OuterPOS is built for business. Any business. OuterPOS does fast food restaurants, casual dining, night clubs, retail, grocery, automotive, and much more. 100% customizable to your industry and needs.

OuterPOS can be combined with Outer.Media Studio for digital menus.



OuterTix is an event management system second to none.

OuterTix offers online and on site ticket sales, full reporting, ticket design and printing, outlet ticket management, ticket validation, and so much more.

OuterTix is ready to manage your Fair, festival, night club, concert hall, play house, arena, stadium, or any event venue. Let OuterTix show you how smoothly a venue can operate.

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